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Photographs of the world reflected in bubbles

I’ve always found there to be something intriguing about the distortion of fish eye photography, and Tom Storm‘s photographs of bubble reflections are quite the opposite but with the same intrigue. What do you reckon?


Incredible macro photography of pretty snow flakes close up

If you thought you were cold on the commute to work this morning, spare a thought for how long it must take Russian photographer Andrew Osokin to take these awesome close up macro shots of snow flakes and ice. Pretty neat, eh?

Via Colossal.

Close-up photography of bubbles that look like planets!

Nice bit of micro photography of soap bubbles up close from Jason Tozer. They look like some sort of hippy-ish psychedelic acid-fuelled view of the solar system.

Via Colossal.

Incredible balanced rock sculptures by Michael Grab

When Yaz and I were sailing Mexico earlier this year, we regularly met artists who’d balance rocks in precarious ways in the hope of some tips from tourists. These works by Michael Grab have reminded me of it and I thought you might enjoy it too. I wouldn’t fancy dropping one of those boulders on my foot!

Via Colossal.

Taking face painting to the next level with Russian models

Check out this neat collaboration from Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan who experimented with face paints and black and white photography to create these wonderful shots.

Via Lost At E Minor.

Stop motion video & time lapse photography of stars

Some real nice time lapse photography of stars taken with a fish eye lens in France. Nice work from Nuit Sacrées who we’ve featured before when we wrote about some awesome photographs of the Northern Lights.

Via Booooooom.

STUNNING photography of India’s railways by Steve McCurry

My all time favourite photographer in the history of the world is Steve McCurry. Why? Just take a look at this series of photographs from India’s railways, that’s why – oh and also because his name is McCurry.

Via Fubiz.

6 amazing roads and railways of the world

A whole load of these photos have been passed around the web for a while but here’s a selection my top 6 favourite amazing roads and railways. Unfortunately the sources don’t provide any credits or precise locations so just sit back & enjoy.

Photos 1-4 via Jeff. Photos 5 & 6 via Phoebettmh Travel.

Instagram web profiles introduced at last

Pretty stoked to be seeing, at last, the introduction of web profiles for Instagram. They’ve taken a while to do this and it’s something I’ve been keen on them doing for ages. See mine here and above.

Travel Photo: Cow herding at dawn

Very nice shot of a cow herder at dawn. The horns of that beast are almost the same size as the kid looking after it!

Photographer & subject unknown. If you know, share the love.

UPDATE: Thanks to Robert in the comments for the photo name and credits… “Dinka Boy Photograph” by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher. It appears the boy is part of the Dinka tribe of Southern Sudan. See more info on the photographers here.

Via Design Dautore.