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Check out the weather before the world ends today…

As you may have heard, according to Mayan prophecy today should be our last day on Earth. I didn’t believe it… until I check the weather forecast above.

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Your guide to Christmas, in one simple label design…

Here’s your definitive guide to Christmas this year, condensed neatly into this easy to understand 100% Christmas clothes label. Please read instructions before proceeding…

Via Redshift Rebels.

7 awesomely huge gallery installations by David DiMichele

I just can’t get enough of these awesomely huge gallery installations by David DiMichele. I would so love to see him do something in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern in Southbank, London.

Via Fubiz.

Awesome street art style pieces from Russ Mills

Loving these pieces by artist Russ Mills with a nice street art style. I’d love to have any of these printed on a t-shirt.

A gummy bear chandelier that’s good enough to eat

Check out this pretty tasty looking chandelier made by Kevin Champeny. It’s made from 3,000 hand-crafted acrylic bears so unfortunately you can’t drunkenly devour it when you get home from the pub.

Via Colossal.

Close-up photography of bubbles that look like planets!

Nice bit of micro photography of soap bubbles up close from Jason Tozer. They look like some sort of hippy-ish psychedelic acid-fuelled view of the solar system.

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Incredible balanced rock sculptures by Michael Grab

When Yaz and I were sailing Mexico earlier this year, we regularly met artists who’d balance rocks in precarious ways in the hope of some tips from tourists. These works by Michael Grab have reminded me of it and I thought you might enjoy it too. I wouldn’t fancy dropping one of those boulders on my foot!

Via Colossal.

Light Emitting Dudes – LED Freerunning in Bangkok

This is the story, with some really great footage, of some Light Emitting Dudes freerunning around Bangkok at night covered in LED bulbs.

DIRECTION – Frank Sauer
EDIT – Frank Sauer, Sebastian Linda
ANIMATION – Stephan Baumann
SOUND – Jens Fischer

Incredibly life-like drawings of animals

Yes, that is a life size painting of an elephant – the next best thing to having a real life elephant in your apartment I’d say. Oh, and yes, that’s a pencil drawing below. Pencil.

If you’re a regular reader of this bloggy blog, you may have guessed that I love art. You may also have guessed that I love Africa (and travel in general). So when you put the two together, you get an enormous amount of love for Richard Symond‘s incredibly life-like drawings and watercolours of predominantly African (minus a Bengal Tiger or two) art.

If you love these paintings and drawings as much as me, you’ll love the fact that you can buy signed and hand numbered large prints for as little as £115 including postage and packaging. If you’re stuck for what to get me for Christmas *hint*…

Via the ‘Africa, this is why I live here‘ Facebook Page.

Taking face painting to the next level with Russian models

Check out this neat collaboration from Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan who experimented with face paints and black and white photography to create these wonderful shots.

Via Lost At E Minor.