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Photo-realistic drawing made up of 2.1 MILLION dots

A Portrait Drawn by Hand with 2.1 Million Ink Dots to Aid Amnesiac Benjaman Kyle stippling portraits pointillism illustration drawing

A Portrait Drawn by Hand with 2.1 Million Ink Dots to Aid Amnesiac Benjaman Kyle stippling portraits pointillism illustration drawing

If I told you that this image was HAND DRAWN with only DOTS, would you believe me? I’ve been telling myself that for the last hour and I still don’t quite believe it… but it’s true, this was painstakingly hand drawn with 2.1 MILLION dots over 138 HOURS.

A Portrait Drawn by Hand with 2.1 Million Ink Dots to Aid Amnesiac Benjaman Kyle stippling portraits pointillism illustration drawing

A Portrait Drawn by Hand with 2.1 Million Ink Dots to Aid Amnesiac Benjaman Kyle stippling portraits pointillism illustration drawing  A Portrait Drawn by Hand with 2.1 Million Ink Dots to Aid Amnesiac Benjaman Kyle stippling portraits pointillism illustration drawing

A Portrait Drawn by Hand with 2.1 Million Ink Dots to Aid Amnesiac Benjaman Kyle stippling portraits pointillism illustration drawing

What’s potentially even more fascinating is that the subject of the artwork is Benjamin Kyle, a man from the states who woke up after an accident with no memory whatsoever. He doesn’t know who he is, who he was, how he got there, what happened, or anything.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/34589969 w=500]

Follow his remarkable story in the captivating video above which see’s him try, try again, fail and fail again and again to get a social security number just so he can work and get off the streets.

A Portrait Drawn by Hand with 2.1 Million Ink Dots to Aid Amnesiac Benjaman Kyle stippling portraits pointillism illustration drawing

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Bad Client Feedback

Jazz it up a little.
Make the image Pop!
I will know what’s right when I see it.
Surely it’s only a matter of resizing.
I like your style, but can you change…

Any designer will have one of those nightmare clients ( or manager ) which will cause a creative headache during their career.

My most recent client feedback that has grinded me to a sudden holt of despair are;

  • Can we make sure it’s company premium?
  • Can’t we just use that image I found on Google?
  • The page has far too much info, but can you add these two lines?
  • Very creative! Now can we see the logo back in the right hand corner?
  • Can you blow up this thumbnail image to A1?
  • There’s too much white space *looks down at requested  heavy snowfall Christmas scene*

The following gallery is a selection of Ireland’s creative community who got together to release a lot of pent up anger and sadness through the medium of the A3 poster, all in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The work was exhibited by the kind folks at The Little Green Café, Bar and Gallery. Nov 2 -7. You can see and purchase the full set of charity artworks here.

What Nonscical client feedback have you received? Comment below the post so we can add our own bad client feedback list!

Sponsor the Naked Guy do a strap-on-skydive for the NSPCC

My good friend Naked John is doing a sponsored skydive. Unfortunately he is not allowed to do it naked (Health and safety gone mad!) so he came up with a compromise: A STRAP-ON. So here is the deal: he’s naked except for the strap on.

As he can’t do it naked and he would like to, the strap on dildo will be representative of his own size and girth, therefore making up for the lack of nakedness (he can’t apologise enough for not being naked).

Things to note:

It is for the NSPCC, so lets think of the kids here and donate generously.

He’s paying for this himself (!) and no donation money will be going towards his skydive (except maybe his Dad’s money). So unless your his Dad he can guarantee all money donated will go to help kids.

So, don’t be a Dick and report this page for indecent content! You’ll be ruining kids’ lives you Prick.

Here is his link to donate: http://www.justgiving.com/John-Malone0

And here is the link to his Facebook Event where you can find directions on where to go to watch him do it: http://www.facebook.com/events/356790371052979/

Or text the word ‘DILD69£10’ to 70070 to donate £10. or change the ‘£10’ to whatever you want to donate (perhaps add another zero or two)

Please post this to as many people as possible and tweet it if you do that kind of thing and watch the preview videos embedded to meet Naked John for yourself. Alternatively, read about how he became 2ManyDJ’s / Soulwax’s naked mascot in this Guardian article.

Thank you fellow Strap-on fans. lets live the dream together.

American cops really do wear handle bar moustaches and aviator shades

This time last year I was growing a moustache for Movember and posting daily moustache inspirations on the Bloggiest Bloggy Blog. It turned out that I don’t have nearly enough testosterone to grow a mo, so this year I have resorted to admiring others.

Check out this fine moustache cork screw we found in an art shop in Little Italy in San Diego.

And also check out this AMAZING example of your typical American cop driving through town sporting aviator sunglasses and a killer handle bar moustache. I was tempted to flash him so he’d come over and I could get a better look.

Nike is Back to the Future of footwear

So what happens when a sports giant decides to team up Hollywood?Thats right! Major movie product placement and obvious merchandise plugging.

But that was the past. This is the future. Behold Nike’s new limited edition 2011 MAG trainer as made famous by, you guessed it Back to The Future. But this time it’s for Charity!

150 of  ‘2011 MAG’ trainers are being sold off everyday for 10 days by Nike on eBay, with the money raised by the auctions going straight to The Michael J. Fox Parkinson Research Foundation.

After only re-watching the original Back to The Future by chance this weekend it came as a shock to me by how much Parkinson’s has affected Michael J.Fox, who for obvious reasons in recent years wishes to stay out of the spotlight. Like me, it will come as a massive shock to those who remember his youthful portrayal from the 1980s.

See Michael’s personal message below.

I believe this is a great way in a celebrity obsessed culture to highlight the impact of various diseases, and to raise money for a product that is just simply awesome. An instant hit for any fan of the series.

You can auction for them here.

See the original trainer from Back to The Future 2,  in action below.

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How did you do in the Lottery of Life?

Quite a thought provoking ad campaign from Save The Children here highlighting the lottery of life that we as humans have all been playing since birth. Some of us get lucky and win, while others don’t.

All the executions shown are from outdoor spots with cleverly composed shots of people in similar, but completely different, situations from around the world.

Check out thelotteryoflife.co.uk by clicking on any of the images in this post where you can spin the wheel and see where you could have been born and find out what prospects you could have had. You can even donate to your other self and ask others to do the same.

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On the last day of Movember, my man-tash said to me…

So it seems that Jj is the filthiest moustache junkie of The Tashiest Tashy Tash Crew with a beastly effort in just 30 days. He was rocking a pretty valiant handlebar until recently but tamed the wild beast with his own bare hands at the last minute – no Mach 3 Turbo Booster Jet Razor could have reined this thing in.

Second up is Joe’s awesome rainforest growth. It’s thick shrubbery has even got it’s own ecosystem way up there on his bushy upper lip. Joe made the mistake of letting me choose which picture to put up here, so I obviously picked the one that made him look most like a serial killer lumberjack. But don’t worry, he’s not really a lumberjack.

Third best from the The Tashiest Tashy Tash Crew has got to be Hooper’s ginger nut moustache. His man hair decided to surprise him by being the first on his body to sprout a dodgy piss-orange colour. Perhaps it’s the Tender Bender in him or maybe he’s been eating a lot of Jalfrezi but that’s just the way it is.

And last, but not least (Simon ‘The Gherkin’ Davies has been too busy cooking gnocchi to e-mail me a piccy of his manliness yet), there’s me with my not-so-great moustache. Although my upper lip hair grows considerably slower and thinner than the rest of the gents, at least I made an effort. For the last month I have looked like a complete and utter plonker – including on a road trip through Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam & Gent – but if you sponsor my boy-tash it might just be worth it.

Donate to The Tashiest Tashy Tash Crew and men’s prostates will be better because of it: http://uk.movember.com/mospace/722438

UPDATE: Here’s the latest progress from Simon ‘The Ghekin’ Davies…

Good effort, possibly better than mine, but where did all that blonde come from? It looks diluted!

Inspirational Movember moustache development from a cowboy

Sterling tash work here from a master of moustaches. Truly inspirational!!

Who knew that George W Bush could be an inspiration to us all?

We all know that George Bush is not, and never will be, an inspirational man. However, this portrait (shot using secret camera equipment inside the presidential bathroom  just moments before George unleashed razor on his bush) shows a slightly different side to the former president.

It appears that there was once a time, before he became a lunatic, when George Bush had a truly inspiring moustache. It’s now clear that the power went to his head when he mowed his mo.

Even gingers can grow a mo

Although the joining of one’s mo with their sideburns is not permitted by Movember, I admire this gent’s effort. I hadn’t realised that sideburns could perform these kinds of stunts. Also, is that a mammoth-sized mono brow creeping out from under his hat??