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Incredible macro photography of pretty snow flakes close up

If you thought you were cold on the commute to work this morning, spare a thought for how long it must take Russian photographer Andrew Osokin to take these awesome close up macro shots of snow flakes and ice. Pretty neat, eh?

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Street Art by David Walker: Frantically chaotic whilst wonderfully tranquil.

Chances are, that is you live in London and have an interest in art, then you may already have seen some of David Walker‘s street art. If not, here’s a few examples of the stunningly creative (and often very colourful) pieces he’s done.

Each piece has this incredibly frantic and chaotic appearance whilst having a wonderfully calm and tranquil quality at the same time. Fucking love this shit. Follow David Walker on Twitter, Like him on Facebook or buy his prints

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ROA’s African animal street art in Johannesburg, SA

One of the top 10 street artists in my opinion is ROA, he’s one of my all time favourite’s with his distinctive style of painting sketch-like black and white animals. Check out this collection of big pieces on the side of a building in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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