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7 awesomely huge gallery installations by David DiMichele

I just can’t get enough of these awesomely huge gallery installations by David DiMichele. I would so love to see him do something in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern in Southbank, London.

Via Fubiz.

See a shark-toothed penis and more in Guadalajara, Mexico

It’s a while since I took these photos but after looking back on them I though it would be nice to share some of the Mexican culture you can find in one of Guadalajara’s art galleries… (yes, that is a penis with teeth, wings and claws)

For some reason there was no names or details of the artist or the works but I think these ceramic plates are representing a little something about the change in Mexican culture over recent years.

Naked girl and junkie goat.

San Jose Del Cabo’s art (and street art) scene in Mexico

After arriving in San Jose Del Cabo the other day we asked a few locals what’s best to do here and second to top of the list (the top of the list was swimming with dolphins but it would have cost us $150 each) was to go and explore the town’s art district.

Our favourite of the many, many galleries was the one for Ivan Guaderrama where we were shown round by Mexican street artist Daniel Orozco who says he’ll be hitting London in the next few years – so keep an eye out for some of his stuff!

The gallery office above and a piece below that reminds me of London’s trendy hipster East London way of getting around!

One of a couple of the artist’s studios below, all open air to get the best lighting.

Doll House gallery on Beak Street, Soho

On my lunch break the other day I walked round the corner from my work to Alphabet and on my way I noticed this great big mass of hair cascading down from the first floor window of a neighbouring building. It flowed diagonally across the building and re-entered the building via the front door.

When I walked over to get a better look I peered in through the window to see a shop window filled with a mass web of hair, darting from one side of the room to another. I expected it to be a pop up art gallery but there was no one inside and the door was locked.

Then suddenly as I peered through the window, with my nose pressed against the glass, a smiling face appeared behind the door! A tall, doll-, adams looking woman ushered us in and we were welcomed in to see a range of pieces and a film in the basement.

I’ll try to share a URL or at least a name for the artist amongst my pile of flyers and leaflets I seem to have collected recently.