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Your guide to Christmas, in one simple label design…

Here’s your definitive guide to Christmas this year, condensed neatly into this easy to understand 100% Christmas clothes label. Please read instructions before proceeding…

Via Redshift Rebels.

Oh yeah. Brand me like that.

I wrote a blog post titled ‘Brand me baby. BRAND ME!‘┬álast week about how I intend to brand myself for networking purposes. In brief I talked about how I’ve done it before and how I’m in the process of doing it now.

I’ve just had business cards printed from a design I created myself on photoshop. In order to make me recognisable to industry figures and potential employers I have synchronised my Twitter profile, business card and CV. By doing this I hope that when I give someone my business card they might just say “I know you, we’re following each other on Twitter” and so on.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll by synchronising my Facebook profile and this blog too.

My girlfriend hadn’t read my previous post, nor had I told her about how I was branding myself, but by coincidence she’s been doing it too! Last night she went to a PR networking event in Canary Wharf where she met a PR top dog. she gave him her business card and he instantly recognised her from Twitter! Fantastic. That is exactly what I am branding myself for and she is a great example of how it works perfectly. She will probably write a better blog post about how she did it within the next week so check out her blog called ‘The Intern

If you’re thinking about making a business card make sure you have continuity between all ‘media’ you use.

Good idea? Done it before? Does it work? Does it not work? Comments…