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A gummy bear chandelier that’s good enough to eat

Check out this pretty tasty looking chandelier made by Kevin Champeny. It’s made from 3,000 hand-crafted acrylic bears so unfortunately you can’t drunkenly devour it when you get home from the pub.

Via Colossal.

Light Emitting Dudes – LED Freerunning in Bangkok

This is the story, with some really great footage, of some Light Emitting Dudes freerunning around Bangkok at night covered in LED bulbs.

DIRECTION – Frank Sauer
EDIT – Frank Sauer, Sebastian Linda
ANIMATION – Stephan Baumann
SOUND – Jens Fischer

Light up boobs bring a whole different meaning to flashing

I don’t doubt that some fucktard actually did this to themselves. Also, notice that she’s got a wedding ring on? Someone actually married it!

Photo via Yes Kafei Daily.