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Awesome street art style pieces from Russ Mills

Loving these pieces by artist Russ Mills with a nice street art style. I’d love to have any of these printed on a t-shirt.


Street Art by David Walker: Frantically chaotic whilst wonderfully tranquil.

Chances are, that is you live in London and have an interest in art, then you may already have seen some of David Walker‘s street art. If not, here’s a few examples of the stunningly creative (and often very colourful) pieces he’s done.

Each piece has this incredibly frantic and chaotic appearance whilst having a wonderfully calm and tranquil quality at the same time. Fucking love this shit. Follow David Walker on Twitter, Like him on Facebook or buy his prints

Via Colossal.

Fresh paint in East London.

Check out this pretty rad, and pretty big, new piece on Hanbury Street near Brick Lane in East London. It’s a collaboration between Bom.K and Liliwenn from France.

Via Hooked.

The Disco Bistro is coming to London soon!

In some very exciting food and street art related news from London, Carl Clarke will soon be opening a ‘Disco Bistro’ for 6 months in a converted traditional pub called The Rising Sun in the St. Pauls area of London.

There’ll be music, cool lighting by Alex Randall, top notch food and street art so I’ll be there for sure and I hope you will be too. Check out the Disco Bistro website, Facebook Page and Carl Clarke on Twitter for more info.

Via Lost At E Minor.

The WHEEL OF DOOM in real life

The WHEEL OF DOOM or the SPINNING BEACHBALL OF DEATH or whatever you call it is coming to a real life situation near you soon. Check out these two examples from a zebra crossing and a narrow alleyway in London. Hilarious.

Via Lost At E Minor.

Sponsor the Naked Guy do a strap-on-skydive for the NSPCC

My good friend Naked John is doing a sponsored skydive. Unfortunately he is not allowed to do it naked (Health and safety gone mad!) so he came up with a compromise: A STRAP-ON. So here is the deal: he’s naked except for the strap on.

As he can’t do it naked and he would like to, the strap on dildo will be representative of his own size and girth, therefore making up for the lack of nakedness (he can’t apologise enough for not being naked).

Things to note:

It is for the NSPCC, so lets think of the kids here and donate generously.

He’s paying for this himself (!) and no donation money will be going towards his skydive (except maybe his Dad’s money). So unless your his Dad he can guarantee all money donated will go to help kids.

So, don’t be a Dick and report this page for indecent content! You’ll be ruining kids’ lives you Prick.

Here is his link to donate: http://www.justgiving.com/John-Malone0

And here is the link to his Facebook Event where you can find directions on where to go to watch him do it: http://www.facebook.com/events/356790371052979/

Or text the word ‘DILD69£10’ to 70070 to donate £10. or change the ‘£10’ to whatever you want to donate (perhaps add another zero or two)

Please post this to as many people as possible and tweet it if you do that kind of thing and watch the preview videos embedded to meet Naked John for yourself. Alternatively, read about how he became 2ManyDJ’s / Soulwax’s naked mascot in this Guardian article.

Thank you fellow Strap-on fans. lets live the dream together.

Trendy, hipster, East Landaaan, street art by Olivia Strange

Check out Olivia Strange, a trendy, hipster, uber cool, arty farty type from East Landaaan who likes to throw paint around and make things look trendy, hipster, uber cool and arty farty.

She won the chance to make that wall in the piccy look like that from a Havana Club competition and you lucky buggers can go see it in Rich Mix in trendy, hipster, East Landaaan, Shoreditch for yourself before the year is out.

I’m off travelling right now so be a darling and let me know if it’s as good as it looks from the piccy will you?

Goodbye London, hello World.

Yep, that’s me there waving a friendly goodbye to London (I don’t know what came over me, I love London really) before setting off towards LA to prepare for our 11 month sail across the Pacific to Australia!!

Yaz and I will be updating the Bloggiest Bloggy Blog at marinas when we can get connection, which may not be very often, but subscribe to the blog on the right hand side of this post and get e-mail updates whenever we publish something so you don’t miss a thing.

In the mean time look out for posts from Hooper (currently in the South of France), Bamboo (who’s just got back from 5 weeks in the Maldives), Scott (who’s hitting New Zealand for 2 month in 3 weeks time), Lucy (currently backpacking in South America and writing this blog), Joe (who’s keeping a close eye on London) and Katie (who’ll soon be representing the Portsmouth scene).

You can aslo catch me on Facebook if you’re my friend, on Twitter, and on Skype if you’re so inclined… tomtomtomharvey

Burgerac is a burger detective hot on the trail of the finest burger in London

We all love a good burger from time to time (well, not you vegetarians, but I’m not talking to you) and “wow, that was the best burger ever” must have been said by each of us at one point or another.

But was is REALLY the best burger ever? EVER? What have you compared it to? Can you be sure it was really THAT amazing? To help you score your burger and compare it fairly against others, I would recommend consulting a cannibalistic expert on the topic: Burgerac.

Burgerac is, in his own words, a burger detective hot on the trail of the finest burger in town. Someone out there is capable of committing the perfect burger and it is Burgerac’s oh-so-noble mission to find and relish it!

And what inspired publishing this post? The publication of the photograph below on Facebook by a friend of mine. Could this be the holy grail that Burgerac has been looking for?

What is this burger and where can I find it, I hear you ask? It’s The Elvis Burger, from The Dog House in Guernsey and contains 1 X bun, 2 X chicken breasts, 1 X beef burger, a few onion rings, 1 X bacon, 1 X cheese, 1 X tomato, some onions, 1 X mushroom, 1 X egg and some salad (you’ve gotta have 1 of your five-a-day, right?) along with a giganta-portion of fries.

I’d like to think that these guys were man enough to ditch the knives and forks and got stuck in with their hands.

UPDATE: Since publishing this post this morning, I have been alerted to the 1KG BURGER from the Flaming Grill Pubs chain. My friend Adam finished his, obviously, but his brother (pictured below) did not – he must be feeling pretty emasculated right now.

Its got 2x 12oz burgers, 2x chicken breasts, chill con carne, cheese, bacon and onion rings with a double portion of fries! The best bit is that they’re running a competition for people to eat it all in under 15 minutes…

Smile Street Art in London Soho

Over the last year or so I’ve been spotting a shed load of these smiley face pieces of street art. They’re absolutely everywhere in London, particularly in Soho, but I don’t know the artists name – anyone know?