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Skateboarding in an abandoned train station

StationPark skateboarding with Kilian Martin. By Juan Rayos

I’m not completely convinced by the skateboarding itself because I prefer street or park to the Rodney Mullen style of skating, but… the location, photography and editing of this neat little video are really quite stunning.

Skateboarding by Kilian Martin.

Video by Juan Rayos.


Richie Jackson reinvents skateboarding with gnarly tricks.

Remember playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 and thinking “there is no way anyone  can do any of these crazy tricks” ???

Well Richie Jackson wants to prove you wrong. I’ve just watched this video TWICE and I still have no idea what a lot of the tricks are, let alone how to do them. To make this guy even cooler, he’s got style and a way cool Captain-Jack-Sparrow-esque appearance.

He’s ripping up the rule book right before your eyes, doing stuff like nose AND tail sliding an escalator (at the same time), board sliding a hanging chain, all sorts of tricks out of wall rides, nollie to tail tapping every step on a large stair set, reverting DOWN A STAIR SET and more.

Actually I’ve just watched this for a third time and realised you need to see this a few times to fully appreciate.

Richie Jackson sponsors… iPath, Death Skateboards & Pig Wheels (I think)

Via Endless Lines

PRETTY SWEET skateboarding movie by Girl & Chocolate

Get a load of the trailer (above) for the new Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards skate movie called PRETTY SWEET coming out on November 16th.

Get yourself psyched with this raaaaad teaser viddy (below) featuring extracts from previous movies such as YEAH RIGHT and the HOT CHOCOLATE along with some fresh (and fucking amazing) footage from Pretty Sweet of Mark Johnson.

We’ll be watching and reporting back at the London premiere in Shoreditch on the 19th November so watch this space.

Feeble 360 flip out by Torey Pudwill (Skateboarding)

Nice collection of tricks from Torey Pudwill’s section on ‘A Session With Plan B’ shot entirely in Ryan Sheckler’s own private skatepark…

It’s all about the Feeble 360 flip out at the end.

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography (screening tonight)

Tonight, Jim and I are heading to the London premiere of the world famous skateboarding documentary Bones Brigade: An Autobiography including skateboarding legends Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero and Stacy Peralta who directs it.

Check out the video above with Stacy Peralta going through some of the one-of-a-kind skate decks and tees that are also being sold on the site. There’s also a teaser trailer where I think it was Lance Mountain that says “Hawk just got bigger and bigger every time I got out of jail” and Steve Caballero even cries at one point!

If my memory serves me correctly, I think the Tony Hawk deck is the one used with his character on the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 game but my favourite has got to be the Rodney Mullen deck (above) or the Mike McGill deck (below).

The screening is TONIGHT (2nd Nov 2012) in the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Sq, London at both 6.45pm & 9pm and TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE at the box office now.

Kids take ‘Street Surfing’ to the next level

I love this, this is the kind of shit I used to do as a kid – and still would if wouldn’t get sanctioned. Check it ooooouuuuut!

Via Lost At E Minor.

Max Anderson: Strapped in and gnarly in China.

Pretty awesome edit by Colin Horan of my good mate and rad streetboarder, Max Anderson, in China. Check out the INSANE backflip to blunt (above), the foam pit sesh, the mega stair sets and the “Strapped in. And what?” t-shirt in the video below…

A skateboarder’s dream living room.

Yeah you know this living looks freaking rad. I know I do. Want. Want. Want.

Dogtown & MaZatlan Boys…

It’s the middle of the night and I’m drunk as hell and I bump into some dudes skating down a mammouth hill in Mazatlan.

Obviously my Spanish is awesome when I’m drunk so I chatted to these guys for a while and found out that even though they’re not all friends, they all meet at the same time every single night to skate down these series of hills at super speeds – screeching round corners and reverting all over the shop.

Some of these slides were reaching almost 5 metres and as they rolled out you could hear the flat spots as they rolled away – I swear they must be wearing down sets of wheels each and every night.

Street art in Mazatlan, Mexico.

So this post is a little late but now that I’m a surfer all I feel is the wind and the waves so the last thing on my mind is blogging, alright? Anyway, check out the RAD fish board above and the other cool shit below all taken in the old part of Mazatlan in Mexico.