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Incredible macro photography of pretty snow flakes close up

If you thought you were cold on the commute to work this morning, spare a thought for how long it must take Russian photographer Andrew Osokin to take these awesome close up macro shots of snow flakes and ice. Pretty neat, eh?

Via Colossal.

Monkey’s like jacuzzis too, photography from Ron Gessel

There’s nothing quite like chilling in a hot pool after a hard days skiing or snowboarding. Check out Ron Gessel‘s shots below of some gnarly Monkeys showing us how relaxation should be done. Man I envy these guys.

I’m impressed that he managed to get close enough to these fellas for these shots but check out some of Ron Gessel’s other great photography on his Flickr stream too, it will inspire.

Via Fubiz

Dominate any snowball fight with this bad ass tool

HOW COOL IS THIS?! Make the roundest, neatest, meanest snowballs in super fast time with this bad ass piece of technology. This would be so rad for any snowball fight.

Via Yes Kafei Daily

This video is nuts… A group of guys go skiing dow a mountain with a POV head camera on. The loose snow gives way and one of them gets buried in an avalanche! Then you see him get rescued. Lucky man.