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Travel Photo Of The Week: Sun set upon a glass-like ocean

Yeah so you remember when I was doing a Travel Photo Of The Week post each week and that I haven’t done it in ages? Well look what’s back on the blog.

This is Yaz’s shot taken just before sunset one day from the bow of the yacht we’re sailing across the Pacific ocean in. There was fuck all wind so we were motoring for most of the day but had switched off the engine to give it a rest and for half an hour we just sat there on the smooth glass-like ocean with no sight of land in any direction and no sound other than whatever noise we made ourselves. So awesome.


Travel Photo Of The Week: Sunrise over Avalon Harbour, Catalina Island

20111108-014451 PM.jpg

This week’s travel photo of the week is my own piccy which I took at sunrise this morning from the bow of the yacht I’m crewing on in California.

I spent the day sat right there righting my diary, Skyping family and watching the world go by. Jealous much? :P

Travel Photo Of The Week: Lakeside thoughts by Jeff Luker

Love this shot by Jeff Luker, particularly how still and serene that water is. I bet that this lake is a hotspot for people to come, sit and sink deep into their thoughts.

Via Booooooom.com.

Travel photo of the week: Terrific lightning storm in Tenerife

Check out this incredible long exposure photograph of a lightning storm in Tenerife!

I found it through a friend of a friend of a friend (etc) on Facebook but unfortunately I don’t know who took it exactly, so if you do, let me know and they’ll be credited.

Man I love lightning photography!!

Travel Photo Of The Week: Stag peers through woodland

Love the framing from the tres. Love the startled, if not inquisitive, stare of the deer. And love the luscious green of the thick forest and emerald green of the water in the background. Encore, Mark Mahaney.

Via Booooooom.com.

Travel Photo of the Week: Mirror-like ocean by Bobby Bong

It’s Photoshopped to high heaven  but I still love this photograph so Bobby Bong gets this week’s ‘Travel Photo Of The Week’ spot on the Bloggiest Bloggy Blog.

I’d really like to see the pre-photoshop version to compare exactly what cosmetic surgery has been performed.

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Travel Photo Of The Week: The root bridge in Meghalaya, India

This week’s travel photo of the week goes to the root bridge in Meghalaya, India. These 500 year old structures are made by local people from the ficus elastica tree with long, strong and flexible roots and are designed to do a better job at withstanding annual floods – unlike the completely man-made alternatives.

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Image via Lost At E Minor

Travel Photo of the Week: Russian dude climbs very (very) tall things

Marat Dupri photographs stunning views from bloody tall buildings, cranes, towers & more. Notice that there’s no ropes or harnesses? Yeah, that’s because there’s shit loads of gnarly all over the shop. Who needs a harness when you’re as rad as this 19 year old Russian guy?

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Travel Photo of the Week: Surfing on a rainbow, oh yes…

Pretty gnarly surfing photo I saw on the Surf Dome Facebook Page yesterday with a magnificently composed shot and exposed incredibly to show the rainbow in the background. It’s shot by a dude called Zak Novie but I can’t find his website to credit him.

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Travel Photo Of The Week: Star Gazing

1st place winner of the National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest 2011, Ben Canales, took this simply stunning shot at Crater Lake National Park. Here’s what he says about it…

“Here on my first time visit to Crater Lake National Park, I wanted to leave with an image that I could look back on and remember the experience. I was with a friend taking pictures also, and before I took the picture, I called over to him and said, “Hey man, watch this!” With a laugh, I spread my arms out and fell backwards into the snow. A second later, the camera timer clicked the shutter and the long exposure began. After the shutter clicked back closed, I stayed on the ground for a good while staring up mesmerized by all the sparkling stars overhead.”

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Via National Geographic